Recipes inspired by the road

One of the things we miss most on our trip is good bread.  To be honest, since Canada the bread isn’t always awesome. Most of the time it is a soggy, sweet, loaf of bread, which gets smushy straight away. Not what we German and Dutchies are used to. So one of our quests during the week is to find a good bakery and once in a while, you will find the diamonds.
But since Ecuador and Jaye we got a solution! A recipe for English muffins (sourdough buns) that you can bake in a pan on the stove! Jackpot.

What do you need?
½ cup Sourdough starter (Jaye’s)
1 cup of milk/water/coconut milk or mix – I find the mix of flour and milk to make the best buns.
2 cups of flour
1 tablespoon of honey
¾ tablespoon of salt
1 teaspoon of baking soda

What to do?
Combine sourdough starter and the liquids in a medium-sized bowl and stir. If the starter is stiff add an extra ¼ cup of liquid.
Combined? Add flour to the mixture and stir. Cover it and let it sit for 24 hours. (a bit longer is fine)
Sprinkle salt, baking soda, and honey on top of the sourdough mixture and stir with a wooden spoon. Knead the dough for 3 to 4 minutes and separate it into 8/10 equal balls. Let them sit for 45 minutes to 1 hour.
Place a pan on medium heat and bake them slowly, make sure you turn them once in a while.

Cut them in half and enjoy them with butter and honey or good cheese (if you can find).

   ​​​​Lukas amazing avocado pasta

Since we are in Avocado country right now (Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica) we eat a lot of avocados! The most awesome dish, apart from a guacamole once in a while, is the Avocado pasta Lukas makes thanks to a cookbook his mom gave to him when he started studying. Even that avocado is not the fairest product to buy all over there in Europe, US, Canada or where else in the world, maybe this is the time to cheat.
What do you need?
A big avocado (or more ;) )
Lime juice
Pepper & salt and olive oil

What to do?
Cut the avocado in half, get all the tasty flesh out and place it in a bowl. Squeeze some lime juice over the avocado and season it with pepper and salt. Press the avocado together with a spoon until you get a smooth avocado paste. Cut some fresh parsley and mix it into the paste.
Cut the garlic into thin slices, more garlic the better! Cut the bread into small dices and fry this all together on a small fire in some olive oil to create croutons.
Boil the pasta.
When the pasta is ready, place it on a plate and cover it with the avocado mix, finish it off with the fried garlic and croutons!     

Clams and Chocolates from the fire

During our stay in Baja California we passed by this lone beach at the Sea of Cortez. Bahia de Concepcion did not only offer us a calm stay at a bay but had some treasures hidden in the sand. Nigel, a guy from LA who was living in his tent on the beach for the last months was so kind to show us this treasure; tons of clams and chocolates (different kind of mussels) were hidden in the sand.
So what else left us to do?
What do you need? 
A bag to fill with the found mussels
Hands to dig
Open fire & grill
Canned tomatoes
Garlic & Onion
Pepper & salt and olive oil

What to do? 
Just before dinnertime (sunset) start searching for the clams. Enter the water until knee-deep and dig, just about 20 cm below the sand and you will find these little treasures. Place them in the bag and leave them in the water while you prepare the rest. This way the clams will stay the freshest.
Cut the garlic and onion into small pieces and fry them in the pan with some olive oil until they are soft. Cut the eggplant into small dices and fry them together with the garlic and onion. When the eggplant is soft you can add the canned tomatoes and season the sauce with some pepper and salt and if you have other spices/herbs.
Cook some rice to go with the rest of the food.
Make a fire on the beach in a round of stones and place the grill on the fire. Don’t wait until there are no flames anymore, just place the clams on the fire in the flames. When they pop open they are ready. Sprinkle some lime juice on them and enjoy your meal!

Canadian Mussel pasta

After that, the wonderful couple of Rick and Heather offered us to use their kayaks, invited us over for a warm shower and some real Canadian BBQ dinner they overloaded us with kindness. Just before we said our goodbyes Rick walked up to us with a big bag of fresh Canadian Mussels from his sister's restaurant. This gift was waiting to be cooked into a nice warming dinner!

What to do?
To start this dish first you need to wash the mussels and rip their beards of, yes mussels have a little beard just at the beginning of the opening. Check for bad mussels; a mussel that is open and doesn’t want to close when you give it a little hit is bad and old, throw it away. Then cut the garlic and onion and red pepper in small pieces and fry them on a low fire in some olive oil until they are soft. Splash some white wine in the frying pan and add the canned tomatoes. Let the sauce boil softly to get some flavor, add pepper and salt.
Boil the pasta.
When the pasta is almost ready its time to cook the mussels. Just place them gently in the warm tomato sauce and cook them until they open. Cut some parsley to sprinkle over the dish.
Simple but amazing, especially when viewing the beautiful coastline of Canada while eating!
What do you need?
Friendly fresh mussels (in the shells)
Canned tomatoes
Red Pepper
Garlic & Onion
Pepper Salt and olive oil
Splash of white wine

Cold-brew inspired by Homeland ​​​​​​​(listening book)

The black liquid of coffee is the best stuff to share with people, especially on a hot day cold-brew brings smiles to every coffee lovers face! While listening to Homeland the main character explains how to make cold-brew without heating the coffee first, this brings out the sweetness of the coffee bean instead of the sometimes-bitter taste it can have. I decided to try it out and am now hooked ;)    
What do you need?
1 part of good coffee roughly grounded (try to find a good coffee bar)
2 parts of water

What to do?
Mix the 1 part of coffee and 2 parts of water in a glass jar. Leave this overnight in you fridge, about 6 hours. The longer the coffee bean stays in the water the stronger the taste will get.
The next morning you strain your coffee to get the grounded coffee out. Now you have a jar full of coffee concentrate.
You can drink this pure or mix it with water of milk according to taste.