Who we are

on the road with Lukas and Amber 

Welcome to our advantures and travel blog! Here, we, yes the crazy happy people in the pictures above, will share our experiences of converting a van into an off-grid camper and our travels with her. We hope we can inspire you!

In December 2016, we decided to break with the daily grind and make one of our dreams come true, to travel in a van from Canada to Patagonia. We bought a one-way ticket to Canada and started searching for a reliable van.
In February we bought the van and started to rebuild her into a suitable camper van. The building process took almost 3 months of hard work during the weekend next to our ‘normal’ jobs. At the end of April she was ready to move in, so we did. We sold, or got rid of almost all our belongings and exchanged our cozy Utrecht apartment for living in our van.
We decided to quit our jobs in July and on the 25th of July we will depart to Canada. Our advantures will begin... 

Curious about our previous lives?
Since we decided to travel for at least a year in our converted van we leave a lot behind; our friends, family, work, home etc.

Lukas worked as a sales manager for a German lemonade brand, fritz-kola. He decided to take a sabbatical from his job. He is an ambitious, social and hard working person who likes to learn and get new experiences. He loves to travel and explore new cultures.

I, Amber, worked as teacher of visual arts and history of arts at a high school in the Netherlands. I am a very passionate teacher who loves to give students new insights and experiences through art education. I decided to quit my job in order to fulfill myself with new experiences of different cultures and nature.